Wardiary: Operation Market Garden - Pushing inside of Orgrimmar

Sep 25, 2013 by Field Commander of FBF
We have now secured the perimeters of town and cut all supply lines to Orgrimmar. We also decided to divide the town to fourteen sections called "blocks" and are currently holding almost half of them in our tight grip. Of course the enemy would like to get some supply lines back or they will starve to death.
      Therefore they are launching counterattacks almost on a weekly basis. But this "Hunger game" is already favoring us, because those attacks are weaker and weaker week after week...


      Earlier tonight we sent "lootparties" around the first six blocks we are currently holding and they returned sooner than expected. Mostly because they couldn't carry anymore epics with them. It's time to enter to city itself and see if there's any parties going on where we could attend!


    Auction house, Pubs, Restaurants. This must be a city market here. Lots of townsfolk as well. We offered them a free passage out of town, but they decided to fight instead... Stupid commoners, like they would have had any chance against a highly trained army. Only those shamans, Haromm and Kardris put up even a decent fight. I'm not exactly sure what that building was where they were, but it looks like we could make it a nice church in the future!


Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Shoulderguards of Foul Streams (Joukahainen)
Ashflare Pendant (Eomi)
Poisonmist Nightcloak (Berenn)
Darkfang Mask (Susitar)
Wolf-Rider Spurs (Keffi)
Breastplate of Shamanic Mirrors (Keffi)


22:00 After a lootfest on the market we found their training camp or something. There was also an orc named Nazgrim who calls himself a General. His newest recruits are swiftly put down in the first minutes (almost in seconds), and even though he got some reinforcements during the battle, they arrived in small groups.
I don't know who is responsible for their training, but basic tactics should always include a regroup phase... After a pretty straighforward battle we relieved him of the responsibility to train any more Horde soldiers..


General Nazgrim

Gauntlets of the Cursed Vanquisher (Feanoris, Arcspark)
Nazgrim's Gutripper (Puttimo)
Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia (Joukahainen)
Gauntlets of the Cursed Conqueror (Odeliini)
Crown of Tragic Truth (Joukahainen)



    Not a bad day at all, we pushed back all the counterattacks launched against us and managed to enter deeper into the town. Now we are controlling 8/14 city blocks...