Wardiary: Chaaaarge

Sep 22, 2013 by Field Commander of FBF
17:30 Our troops are ready for tonight's attack and they are running out of patience. Never though that they would be so eager to battle after only a week of training on Timeless Isle.
18:00 I gave the order to advance into the next block of the city. Soon we found a deceased titanic watcher called Norushen, but instead of fighting with us he ran away and left somekind of a Nightmare to fight with us. Well - we are used to nightmares and just a little pinch and punch here and there and we could start looking around for any leftover spoils in this block.



Rime-Rift Shoulders (Arcspark, Höyhen)
Bracers of Blind Hatred (Sraaz)
Bracers of Final Serenity (Joukahainen)
Reality Ripper Ring (Sticker, Berenn)


19:00 I gave the order to advance into the neighboring block and soon after that we found one of the Sha there. This one was called the Sha of Pride. Humbly we offered it a nice lesson about the bible: Proverb 16:18, Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. And indeed it fell in our hands...


Sha of Pride

Chest of the Cursed Vanquisher (Feanoris, Rhasiak, Jusa)
Shield of Mockery (Zende)
Gaze of Arrogance (Rhasiak)
Choker of the Final Word (Manniz)

21:00 I was prepared to give orders to secure the area and start resting, when headquarters gave us new orders. Ogrimmar is getting resupplied via the Harbour and it must be taken into our custody Immediately! I gave orders to our weary troops and we hit the road immediately.
Apparently Headquarters sees this as a major issue and after we secure a foothold at the beach, Jaina and the King himself arrive to support us. The enemy seemed to throw everything against us waves after waves. But all of us are already battle hardened veterans of many wars and we don't give up even an inch.
Soon the General responsible of this area's defences, Zaela with her fierce battlemount Galakras joined in to the battle. As she had already fed all her troops to us she was relatively easy to put down. Maybe if she would have been a better tactician and sent everything at once against us, this battle might have ended the other way around.



Unrepentant Heels (Kaamon)
Dragonmaw Emergency Strap (Rhasiak)
Extinguished Ember of Galakras (Mustikka)
Korgra's Venom-Soaked Gauntlets (Berenn)
Dagryn's Fuselight Bracers (Kosto)

22:15 While we were stripping the enemy general from his weapons, the recon team arrives and informs us that there is only one enemy left in the whole harbour area. After a quick negotiation we decide to secure the area and swiftly move to battle stations.
It was just a scorpion and even though this one was made of steel, we have plenty of experience of handling beasts, afterall I have several hunters and lots of engineers in my team. Nasty it was but after a very short fight we can call it a night.


Iron Juggernaut

Juggernaut's Focusing Crystal (Zende, Manniz)
Castlebreaker Bracers (Susitar)
Laser-Slice Signet (Alfenster)
Treads of Autonomic Motion (Joukahainen)
Precision Cutters (Kosto)