Wardiary: The siege has begun!

Sep 15, 2013 by Field Commander of FBF

We gathered our forces and started the inevitable battle against Ogrimmar and especially Garrosh Hellscream. First week we spent building fortifications around the city and started to train and equip our raid force to be able to hit them hard.

As our force had to be tested we launched a few attacks in the outskirts of town and encountered something called Immerseus. He, or rather it, had a nasty habbit of spilling some water and slime against us, which was totally intolerable. We teached him some manners and gathered some nice equipment while doing that.




Bracers of Purified Spirit (Mustikka)
Puddle Punishers (Illyria)
Hood of Blackened Tears (Darkest)
Bubble-Burst Bracers (Zende)
Seal of Eternal Sorrow (Joukahainen)
Greatbelt of Living Waters (Alfenster)

We also decided to take a sneak peek to the neighboring block of city and saw something called the "Fallen Protectors", And indeed they fell swiftly in our hands...


Fallen Protectors

Sha-Seared Sandals (Arcspark)
Darkfallen Shoulderplates (Sacritus)
Petrified Pennyroyal Ring (Eomi)
Softfoot's Last Resort (Sraaz)
Shockstriker Gauntlets (Manniz)
Gaze of Echoing Despair (Punis)