Parkano Citadel - Revenge of Darth Sticker

Feb 24, 2013 by Eidia

As the current raid content was nearing its end, the folks of FBF decided to test the new iteration of the wintery 19-man raid at Parkano, Finland called "Talvimiitti #2". The bosses could be downed multiple times; and oh, they were.


The raiders from the north arrived first and started right away with the mindtwisting Hymyilevä Kiuas <The Saunamancer> boss; a twisted experiment by a deranged gnome, no doubt.

He wasn't a match for our raiding pyromaniacs and soon the room was filled with a nice heat and several jolly raiders enjoying their loots (in liquid form). Many downings did he see, our beloved Hymyilevä Kiuas!

There was a lot of idle time, so the Mumble channel and raid chat were full of life, bolstered by the consumption of loots (also in solid, nourishing forms).

Also, we had the Netflix <The Consumer of Minds> boss, who had multiple phases. Some phases had disturbing references to japanese B-class action movies, and some were more loyal to the chinese theme of MoP. Despite the length of the fight, concentration was kept up admirably.

The Board Game and Poker minibosses saw plenty of action too, the latter having the uncanny ability of modifying the players' IRL-gold.

The end boss Darth Sticker <Dark Lord of DPS> was quite scary. He taunted the raid multiple times, but in the end we decided to gear up more before tackling him. Copyright infringement might get to him faster than us, though.

All in all, the raid was a complete success! Next special raid in August, remember to sign (we did)!