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Oct 28, 2012 by Halfstack

The Mogu -once a primitive race of humanoids- now empowered and evolved by the waters of the vale, hold immense power and knowledge. With their discovery of an ancient titan repository on Pandaria, the Mogu, in an attempt to harness and use the knowledge stored within, built the vaults. Proud of their earlier supremacy, the Mogu kept lengthy records of their accomplishments within these vaults. Now guarded by ferocious magical beings, these sacred chambers have remained silent since the mogu’s departure. The Mogu’Shan vaults, with such powerful secrets lay ahead for adventurers and lorewalkers alike.


Early on in FBFs adventures in Pandaria, the guild leadership sent a scouting group of ten heroes to explore and report back, they were not prepared for what lay ahead. They reported back with messages of stone guardians turning to flesh, attacking any intruders who enter the vaults. Having dealt with this initial assault, an encounter with lorewalker Cho only added to the intrigue and our scouts gathered what intel they could and called it a day.


With this new information at hand, the FBF forces prepared for battle, sending in a full force of twenty five to assault the vaults, and the knowledge that stone could turn to flesh… A secret was held deep within the vaults, one that had to be discovered and used, or at least destroyed, before the Horde could get to it.


For many nights the FBF forces battled within the vaults. Morale was low, and the item drops even fewer, but battle on we did, through some of the most interesting encounters to date.

With the guardians dealt with by our scouting team, the FBF forces started off with the second encounter, that of Feng the Keeper of Champion Spirits. After spending 5 hours on Feng, you can get a rough idea on why he is called the accursed. In an encounter that was plagued with problems and much cursing, including disconnects and the occasional idiotic puntable marmot (seriously Punis?), and the many, many... and I do mean many wipes below 10% (including the infamous 0.2% "ei vittu" wipe), Feng was finally put to rest -his job now done- in a classic FBF fashion, with the last attempt of that night. With chat activity on mumble beyond anything experienced so far, adrenaline and emotions were running high with shouts of “I got it! No I don’t! Yes I do!”, “Don’t you dare touch the fire! Whatever you do, get out of the fire!” and the occasional odd confession of punching gnomes, Feng was bested and swarms of Zandalari appeared out of nowhere. Wait, aren’t we on pandaria? Gara’jal the Spiritbinder lay ahead.



But Zandalari? In Pandaria? This must be investigated. Finding what seemed to be a Zandalari invasion force attempting to enter the inner depths of Mogu’shan Vaults and with our objectives being similar, a discussion on perhaps working together ensued. Negotiations broke down when it became apparent that Gara’jal and his minions couldn’t focus hard enough in between mouthfuls of Gnome to agree on terms. Having gotten our Gnomes back from the Zandalari, and with a great shout of “Now ya done makin' me angry!!” from the troll, we made swift work of the priest and his spiritual hallucinations. Ignoring the Terminator impression by the now departed priest, the FBF forces swiftly moved on into the inner depths of Mogu’shan Vaults. Having fought off the invasion force of the Zandalari. The FBF forces, expecting to be heralded as the saviors of the Mogu race, walked in bravely into the depths of the vaults. For surely we would be welcomed in, and our earlier destruction of the initial guardians forgotten… right?



Wrong. Meng Sharpfang, Qiang Steelskin, Sebotai Swiftfoot, and Zian of the Endless Shadow were in wait. Foaming at the mouth in outrage at our perceived invasion, the spirit kings prepared to battle us. The FBF forces attempted to negotiate with the kings, sending in a gnome to try and explain the Zandalari… With one massive attack it became apparent where this was leading. Having resurrected the traditional sacrificial gnome to the loot gods, the Spirit Kings were engaged and defeated in an overly typical headless chicken style that seems to work best in this encounter.



Having been escorted into the depths by Lorewalker Cho, who up to this point had acted as a helpful knowledge source of what waited ahead, yet surprisingly sheepish when it came to actually physically assisting the FBF forces in the encounters, guided us onwards ever deeper into the vaults. However upon further examining the depths, the forces encountered a device that even lorewalker Cho had never heard of. Naturally, as the fountain of knowledge that he is, Lorewalker Cho activated the device, and immediately decided that the best way for him to contribute to the mess created was to observe from a safe distance.

*sigh*… thanks Cho. Staring down Elegon, the FBF forces seemed hesitant to engage, as if the challenge ahead was too great. As they approached the celestial dragon, a sudden rush of power engulfed all those close to him. As if touched by the titans themselves, the FBF forces turned into celestial forms. The engine of Nalak’sha, which gives the dragon it's celestial form, also imbued the FBF forces with the same power for all those within the Empyreal Focuses. With this new found source of power, Elegon was defeated. His existence ending, becoming nothing.

With the machine destroyed, the Mogu power now weakened, Lorewalker Cho “bravely” stepped back and examined the discs that lowered upon Elegon's defeat. It seemed that the Mogu had salvaged and repurposed ancient Titan technology to advance their empire. With this knowledge, the FBF forces had no choice but to move on to the final chamber in the Mogu’shan Vaults, onwards to the aptly named Will of the Emperor.



Emperor Lei Shin and the Mogu race, having harnessed and repurposed the Titan knowledge, had built a gigantic Mogu construct machine. An army of soulless abominations lay silently, as if waiting for a war that never started. Too dangerous to leave alone and no ability to control it, Lorewalker Cho instructed the FBF forces to turn the machine on and battle what would come. Then from behind the door he yelled, "Knock on the door if you survive!"

What lay in wait was wave upon wave of the constructs, with periodic toxic titanic gas filling the chambers, and a co-ordination challenge like never before. The FBF forces having become battle hardened by the bi-annual ballet practice, as well as the earlier challenges in the vaults did not waver, and made swift work of the chaotic encounter.

Having “politely” asked Lorewalker Cho to return, the destruction of the machine was confirmed. Yet instead of rejoicing in victory, the Lorewalker seemed concerned. Wandering what other ancient enemies would pose a threat to the peace in Pandaria.

With their gnomes resurrected, new weapons and armor equipped, the FBF forces now move on to the next challenge at the Heart of Fear. With rumors that the Sha of Fear has corrupted the grand empress of the Mantid, her behavior becoming incresingly erratic and paranoid, the Klaxxi have reluctantly asked for aid. Though being very clear that we are simply being used as a means to an end, the Klaxxi have failed to subdue the Sha and it is up to us to defeat it.