Gnomes leading the way

Sep 25, 2012 by Halfstack

We built the weapons and machines of the alliance... our entire race was sold out to slavery, for money and power... by our treacherous king... they forced us to decorate their gardens… we rebelled…


For our shortcomings, we work twice as hard simply to prove ourselves… the alliance not realizing that it is actually the gnomes that are leading the way now.


Hozen, Mogu, Zandalari… even the Horde had no idea what hit them… with speed that can only be achieved by a true Gnome warrior, General Sraaz the Mighty of the FBF gnomish forces, achieved realm first level 90 warrior, showing the true strength and cunning of our race, and paving the way for other Gnomes to follow.

There are millions of gnomes now, and we have a plan… the world must know that punting is a sin… The uprising to power begins now… With our general leading the way, we shall conquer Pandaria, claim it for the Alliance, and begin our final battle, getting Gnome Paladins.

Video credit to Baronsoosdon.