Another pantless weekend

Aug 19, 2012 by Halfstack


Twas the time of the year again when the FBF members get together, to join hands, sings songs of merry and catch up on old times. As they were all preparing, with thoughts of the good times ahead, drink, and many saltsticks…  little did they know… the gnomes would be back, and they had a plan.


Operation Gnomeregan was back with a twist. Halfstack and his fellow Gnomelings of the JKL mafia were going to Asikkala (the summer stomping grounds of FBF) with a mission. Recruit as many gnomes as possible.

Operation Race Change

The operation was an astonishing success, with many a new gnome joining the rank and file of the front lines of FBF. Carsina the Evil, Tac the Insane, Eleador the Brony, and Cabbus the Cutie, are all official members of the gnomish rank and file of FBF.

The most notable conversion comes in the form of Marcius the Hard Headed. With a little persuasion, a lot of spirit flasks, subtle encouragement and gnomish manipulation, FBF is proud to present Töyssy the Speed Bump! Gelbin Mekkatorque himself being so proud of this notable achievement that he sent his personal congratulations to Töyssy in the following letter:

*Muahahahahahahaa…. But seriously, congrats… you will love being a part of the Gnomish rank and file.. never to see loot again, to be forever punted in front of the boss, used as a spice in Orcish cooking, laughed at by your enemies, ridiculed by your friends, forgotten to be healed, and sacrificed to the Mogu gods so that others may gain items in your stead.

Gelbin Mekkatorque
For Gnomeregan!

p.s: aaaaaahahahahahahahaha”

Needless to say, the FBF annual meet up was a resounding success, reinvigorating the members and preparing them for what lies beyond the mists.  The rank and file of the FBF forces not only grew in Gnomish representation, but three more officers were added to the ranks! Congrats to Eleador, Cabbus, and Joukahainen! (bringing the gnomish representation amongst the officer ranks to 4/9) May your “wisdom” help guide us onwards for ever greater loot, many a boss kill, and the occasional Gnomish sacrifice