5/8 HC

May 6, 2012 by Halfstack

Talk about being prepared, Zon’ozz jumped the gun and was way ahead of the curve. With rumors of an Asian style invasion coming to Azeroth, Zon’ozz decided to add some Asian flare into his fight, and enlist the aid of what looked like the “Japanese way of the tentacle” school of martial arts. Unfortunately for him, it’s the Chinese that are invading, and not the Japanese. With a few awkward looks, a couple of red faces, and a few brave gnomes.. we taught the guy a geographical lesson by ping ponging his ass to death leaving no tentacle standing..



Warlord Zon'ozz HC

Horrifying Horn Arbalest (Cartmanus)
Belt of Flayed Skin (Farek)
Grotesquely Writhing Bracers (Joukahainen)
Gauntlets of the Corrupted Vanquisher (Itza, Tohvu)
Seal of the Seven Signs (Joukahainen)